Top 10 Hottest Orange County Zip Codes

Looking for the right home and neighborhood for you or your family in Orange County may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Besides finding the perfect living space to move into, you may also be wondering what the neighborhood is like, whether it is convenient for shopping and work, and what family-friendly activities there are nearby. 

Fortunately, Orange County is brimming with points of interest, nature spots, fun activities, and great schools for you to enjoy and take advantage of. Here are some of the hottest zip codes in Orange County right now that you should check out for yourself. 

1. 92833 – Fullerton

The first zip code on the list is 92833 – located in Northern Orange County – is an area where homes have a median price of $800,000 and 957 sales this year. Home to numerous educational institutions, small businesses, restaurants, and manufacturing industries, Fullerton attracts home buyers in spades. 

Neighborhoods in this area have a variety of educational institutes, including California State University and Fullerton College. Dominated by Coyote Hills in the northern and western parts, Fullerton offers residents a healthy mix of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, camping grounds, and more. Nearby, you have Laguna Lake Park, Ralph B Clark Park, and Hillcrest Park, which offers many hiking trails for individuals and families to enjoy. 

2. 92637- Laguna Woods

Next on the list of hottest zip codes is 92637, an area which is contained within the border limits of Laguna Woods. The majority of the area is under Laguna Woods Village – a privately owned gated community – which makes this an ideal place for seniors to retire or families to raise their kids. 

Neighborhoods in this area saw homes with a median price of $304,500 and 886 homes sold so far this year. The area is peppered with various places to dine and relax with your loved ones, such as Olive Garden, Fedora, Citrus Fresh Grill, and Romans Mexican Restaurant. Golf lovers can test their skills at the Laguna Woods Golf Club, or have a fresh slice of pizza at Papa John’s, which is right around the corner. Additionally, there are a handful of shopping centers and grocery stores nearby, such as Aldi, The Home Depot, and Stater Bros. Markets. 

3. 92886 – Yorba Linda

Contained within the city borders of Yorba Linda, 92886 is an ideal place to buy a home if you are looking to raise a family or take care of your seniors in Orange County. The area’s homes have a median price of $1,020,000 and 673 sales this year, making it one of the expensive places to buy a home in the county. 

If you love dining out, there are many staple food chains amongst local favorites like Nikki’s Kitchen that serves some of the best pastries in town. If you have a hankering for Japanese novelties, there is Tokyo Central nearby that sells everything from exotic spices to house-hold items and clothing. Furthermore, there are plenty of public schools nearby for children K-12. 

4. 92647 – West Huntington Beach

Contained within the city border limits for West Huntington Beach, 92647 is one of the best zip codes to buy a home right now for both individuals and families. The area’s homes have a median price of $887,500 and 667 homes sold this year. Located in the heart of Orange County, this area is great for people who prefer convenience of work, school, or shopping commutes. 

There is no shortage of places to eat in this area with Bunz, Mangia Mangia, and Green Tomato Grill serving some of the best ethnic cuisines. The neighborhoods here place you very close to some of the best public schools and colleges in the county, such as Circle View Elementary, Mesa View Middle School, and Golden West College. Much to their delight, shoppers have many options in the area such as Target, Costco, and Best Buy. 

5. 92656 – Aliso Viejo

Located far from bustling downtown, 92656 is an ideal zip code to buy a home if you prefer having an abundance of hiking trails and camping grounds nearby. Not too far from Laguna Beach, this area saw homes sitting at a median price of $670,000 with 629 homes sold so far this year. There are many public parks like Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and Canyon View Park in the area, making it an ideal place for families with kids and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Residents can look forward to watching their favorite movies at the Regal Edwards or spending their free time shopping at name brand stores like Walmart, Costco, TJ Maxx and Homegoods, and The Home Depot. Foodies and those who prefer fine dining have much to look forward to with places like Chili’s, Cafe Rico, Smashburger, and other restaurants serving both traditional and exotic delicacies. 

6. 92646 – South Huntington Beach

If you prefer living close to the beach and enjoy watching tourists explore your neighborhood all year round, then 92646 is the perfect zip code to look for a forever home. This area conveniently places you close to some of the best public schools in the area and shopping locations like Target, Whole Foods Market, and Walmart. Neighborhoods in the area have homes with a median price of $734,500 and 550 homes sold this year. 

Along the beach, residents love to spend their time engaging with a myriad of recreational pursuits like surfing, scuba diving and more, while others like to dine at restaurants like The Waterfront Beach Resort. With schools like Newland Elementary, Edison High, and The Pegasus School, students have many locations to acquire quality education. Residents who love to explore historical artworks can visit the Fine Art Museum Inc, to enjoy the works of artists like Picasso, Calder, Francis, and more. 

7. 92804 – Anaheim West of Harbor

Adventurers and theme park lovers should look no further than 92804 if they are looking to move to Orange County. The area’s homes have a median price of $750,000 this year, making it one of the hottest in the Orange County housing market. 

Living in this area places you close to some of the best schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and other places of attraction the city has to offer. With some of the best burger joints and breweries in town like Athenian, Rock and Brews, and Harry’s Place, residents have plenty of options to jazz-up their weekends. Not to mention, the Disney Downtown District which houses the beloved Disney Adventure Park, is only a few minutes’ drive. 

8. 92649 – Northwest Huntington Beach

Another location on this list that serves enthusiasts of beach life is 92649. It represents Northwest Huntington Beach in Orange County and is an ideal place to buy a home if you are a surfer or just like to spend your weekends on the beach getting a tan. The area’s homes have a median price of $925,000 and 531 homes sold this year. 

Families with kids have plenty of options when it comes to schools, with Harbour View Elementary, Marine View Middle School, and Marina High School primarily serving the neighborhoods. Those with a hankering for exotic cuisines will love the offerings of local favorites like Skewers, Red Table, and Buon Gusto. Besides the beach, residents also like to spend their time at the Meadowlark Golf Club and Seabridge Park, when they are looking for a quaint place to relax. 

9. 92703 – Santa Ana South of First

Close to the four major freeways, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, 92703 places you right in the heart of Orange County. This area has homes with a median price of $595,000 and 491 sales this year. Offering some of the most affordable residential properties in a densely populated downtown area with many attractions like The Discovery Science Center and The Bowers Museum, this area is ideal for families with kids. 

Most homes are within walking distance to restaurants, parks, and other recreational areas. You can find a variety of locations serving both exotic and traditional cuisines in the area like Seasons 52, Renato’s Restaurant, and Little Onion Mexican Restaurant. Besides some of the best public schools, there are many points of interest that can keep families with kids busy, like the Santa Ana Zoo and Heritage Museum of Orange County, in addition to parks like Mile Square Regional Park. 

10. 92807 – Anaheim Hills

Last on the list is 92807, an area with a strong focus on planned community initiatives, education, and outdoor recreational pursuits. Neighborhoods in this area have homes with a median price of $900,000 and 491 homes sold this year. 

Nearby you have Starlight Cinemas playing your favorite flicks everyday of the year, in addition to several community parks like Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Peralta Canyon Park, and Oak Canyon Nature Center. If you are looking for a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, plenty of options for schools, and outdoor activities, then Anaheim Hills is definitely where you should be moving to.

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