These Orange County Neighborhoods Have the Best-Rated Schools

There are too many important variables on the line when deciding to move houses – between the interior and exterior of the house, access to healthcare and other amenities, and education – it can be a taxing process for anyone. But if you have kids, the focus on finding a neighborhood with good schools becomes all the more important. 

Providing your children with quality education will empower them to be successful in their future endeavors and give them experiences and relationships they will cherish for life.

With the help of data from, we put together this list of neighborhoods with access to the best schools around. Not every school is located in the neighborhood, but the culmination of schools that serve each neighborhood creates its overall score. Let’s dive right in!

Laguna Beach

Recognized as the absolute best place to settle down and raise a family in Orange County, it’s no mystery why Laguna Beach is so popular among young families. Featuring six miles of beautiful coastline and seemingly endless hiking trails to choose from, this city is both completely luxurious and wholly inviting. With its bustling nightlife, numerous options for fine dining, and art and culture galore, this is a fantastic place to settle down and raise a family.

In addition to all of the activities that can be found here, Laguna Beach also has its own share of incredible schools to choose from. Among these is El Morro Elementary School, which features an impressive 18:1 student-to-teacher ratio. For middle schoolers, Cadence Park is a solid option, as is Oxford Preparatory Academy. High Schoolers will find themselves right at home at Laguna Beach High School, which has a 19:1 student-to-teacher ratio, and Portola High School, which is actually ranked #66 in the entire state.

Orange & Villa Park

When it comes to choosing the best place in California to live, it’s understandable to want to put safety and security first. That’s where Orange & Villa Park really stands apart. As one of the safest suburbs in the county, it’s a slower-paced and easygoing pocket of the region. While you won’t find towering skyscrapers here, what you will find is a close-knit and intimate community with old-fashioned charm and neighbors who look out for one another.

This sentiment carries over to the schools in this community. For parents who are looking for the best elementary school to send their young children to, they can’t go wrong with Villa Park and Serrano Elementary School. Parents have commended the teachers here, citing genuine interest in seeing their children succeed. Middle school options include Magnolia Science Academy and Cerro Villa Middle School. High schoolers can focus on their studies at Villa Park High School, which has a healthy 26:1 student-to-teacher ratio.


If you’re looking for a neighborhood that has ample entertainment and dining options, ample sporting opportunities, and culture galore, then look no further than Anaheim. This city in Orange County is home to none other than the world-famous Disneyland Resort, which means that people flock from miles around to come visit it. In addition, it has endless beauty in the form of parks and trails, an impressive walkability score, and some of the best schools in the region.

These schools include Beacon Park Elementary School and Woodsboro Elementary School, both of which have been rated highly by families who attend. Middle school offerings include Kraemer Middle School, which offers a vast curriculum of coursework for students, all with a 28:1 ratio (which is fairly average for the state). For those of you who might be looking for a great high school for your children, Valencia High School is a good option, as is Esperanza High School.

Huntington Beach

Many of you might already be familiar with Huntington Beach, or Surf City USA – a place that attracts surfers from all over the country. While it boasts over eight miles of amazing coastline and unbeatable weather, it readily serves as a safe neighborhood for many who are looking to raise a family. 

For younger children, you have many options to choose from, including Huntington Seacliff Elementary, William T. Newland Elementary, and Oka Elementary school – all of which have been rated highly by students and their parents. For middle schoolers, we have Talbert Middle School, Isaac L. Sowers Middle School, and Mesa View Middle School among other options.

High school offerings include Edison High, Huntington Beach High, Marina High, and Ocean View High school. All of these schools have managed to maintain the highest test scores and college readiness in the city.

Newport Beach

Considered the thirteenth best place to retire in California, this is a neighborhood where modern glamor meets the rustling surfing culture. Newport Beach offers a streamlined mix of high-end living and relaxing beach vibes. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Orange County, this neighborhood does not hold back when it comes to offering a spectacular coastline, activities on the water, and a safe recreational area for families. 

If we have to talk about schools, Newport Beach is also home to some of the best-rated schools in Orange County. For starters, you have Eastbluff Elementary, Newport Coast Elementary, Roy O. Anderson Elementary, and Harbor View Elementary, all within close distance of the Newport beach residential area. 

Middle school offerings include Corona Del Mar High School and Horace Ensign Intermediate School, both of which offer quality education and teachers through grades 7-8. For high schoolers, you have Newport Harbor High School which offers an amazing 26:1 student-teacher ratio besides some of the most well-designed curriculums for students preparing for college.

Consider These Neighborhoods With The Best Rated Schools

When looking for a place to raise a family, finding a neighborhood with good schools and access to family-friendly activities is just as important as the house itself. By giving your kids a quality education, you will empower them to chase their goals and ambitions in the future with vigor.

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