These 7 Orange County Charities Need Your Donations

It’s true that nothing comes close to the Golden Coast, and plenty of people clamor to make California their home. However, it’s unfortunately not fun in the sun for everyone in Orange County. 

Many in our community struggle with having their basic needs met for a variety of reasons. It takes many resources to care for the most vulnerable in Orange County, and thanks to donors like you, we can continue to make sure that southern California remains welcoming and accessible to all. 

Compassionate Artists

Music knows no age limits. Compassionate Artists keeps the beat going for financially disadvantaged seniors living in care homes. The team at Compassionate Artists brings music, dance, and arts and crafts to seniors to promote social engagement and preserve cognitive health. Groups of artists make stops at local facilities to entertain seniors with performances and create opportunities for involvement regardless of age or skill level. The organization maintains a wish list of items needed to bring this joy to seniors, and new or like-new supplies are accepted.

Address: 1400 S. Sunkist Street #75, Anaheim, CA 92806


Illumination Foundation

Illumination Foundation has been working to eradicate homelessness in Orange County for over 15 years, and it’s just getting started. Every day, over 3,000 individuals are provided with housing and healthcare services in accordance with their personal needs so they can continue living dignified, productive lives. Illumination Foundation provides especially vital care to houseless folks who are discharged from the hospital or recuperating from a medical condition with nowhere else to go. Illumination Foundations seeks donations of therapeutic activities, hygiene items, school supplies, and toys. 

Address: 1091 N Batavia St., Orange, CA 92867


Help for Brain Injured Children

Help for Brain Injured Child (HBIC) is an organization serving the needs for children who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. HBIC believes that every child has the right and ability to learn, and the foundation focuses its efforts by operating a non-public school called the Cleta Harder Developmental School, which is dedicated to providing children with brain injury a meaningful learning experience in accordance with their individual education plan. 

Address: 981 N. Euclid Street La Habra, CA 


Friendly Center

Friendly Center is a foundation that does a lot for the community and it all starts with a warm smile. No matter who comes in the doors the volunteer team here always treats them with dignity and respect while providing for their basic needs, including food, clothing and education. Friendly center aims to break cycles of generational poverty by supporting families who need assistance with everything from job development to protection in cases of domestic violence. This is the oldest nonprofit in Orange County and its work in the neighborhood depends on donations from fellow residents who want to see their neighbors lifted up. All donations are appreciated and individuals who donate $1,000 or more annually are eligible to join the friendly centers giving circles.

Address: 147 W Rose Ave, Orange, CA 92867


Orange County March of Dimes

Orange County March of Dimes is an organization that believes a person is a person, no matter how small. Nearly 10% of babies are born preterm in California and March of Dimes organization fights to ensure that babies and their moms have access to high quality care and healthcare equity. The March of Dimes is proud to solicit donations from those who care about making sure every child gets a headstart when they’re born in Orange County. Donate year-round or support the regular campaigns and events the March of Dimes host to fund its mission of healthy babies everywhere.

Address: 16801 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Spoofdawg to the Rescue

Spoofdawg to the Rescue is for all the cool cats (and pups) who are looking for homes in Orange County. This organization tracks down abandoned animals within the community and rescues them every day. All animals in Spoofdawg’s care get the food and medical treatment they need to make a full recovery and get ready to be adopted by their forever families. Spoofdawg accepts donations of supplies for the animals, and the organization often hosts donation drives throughout the year. You can also donate cash directly to assist with Spoofdawg’s efforts to see every animal in a loving home. 

Address: 1039 E Almond Ave. Orange, CA 92866


Charity on Wheels

Charity on Wheels meets people in Orange County wherever they are –  literally. Volunteers at this organization hit the streets, tunnels and riverbeds to find the underprivileged in our community and provide them with words of encouragement as well as practical supplies that they may need to stay safe and healthy. The street outreach efforts are continued via the weekly gatherings that Charity on Wheels hosts to provide even more support and resources to people in crisis in this community. Charity on Wheels is 100% volunteer run, and relies on donations in order to continue providing this critical care to Orange County’s unhoused.

Address: 3152 E La Palma Suite D Anaheim, CA 92806

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