The Nine Best Dog Parks In Orange County

If you have a furry friend, then one of your favorite things is likely finding a good space for them to be able to run and play as they please. Fortunately, dog parks are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, with the world finally waking up to the fact that, to many people, pets are as important as children. Below is a list of the best dog parks in Orange County, where you can find excellent, beautiful spaces to play outside with your fur baby.

Central Bark Dog Park

Central Bark Dog Park in Irvine is a large and beautiful park with many amenities. The dog park spans almost three acres, giving plenty of open space for animals to run around off-leash. There is a separate enclosed area for smaller or frail dogs to also enjoy open play, and a watering facility so even if you do not carry water your furry friends can stay hydrated. 

For humans, there is covered seating, lighting fixtures for safety when it gets dark, and easy handicap access that keeps the park open to everyone. The park, found at 1500 W Rowland Ave., is well maintained, and many reviewers rave about the space and cleanliness.

Orange Dog Park Association

The Orange Dog Park Association park may look plain at a glance, but it is an awesome large park to take any kind of friendly dog and has multiple amenities. There is a vast expanse of lawn for large and small dogs to run and play on, and a separate area for especially small dogs, or elderly dogs who may not be up for running around with the big guys. 

There are doggy doo bags and scoopers available, so if you do not remember to bring your own, it’s no problem. There are also stations for doggie hydration, and ample parking. Reviewers rave about how clean the park is, which is found at 190 S Yorba St. But keep the schedule in mind as this park is closed on Wednesdays for cleaning, to make sure the area is sparkling for your pooch’s rec time.

La Paws Dog Park

This vast expanse of a dog park in Mission Viejo boasts a whopping six acres, with three acres designated as doggie play areas. There are three separate areas for dogs, including a large running area for large and medium breeds, a separate area for smaller breeds, and another separate area for dogs with single owners, which opens up a whole other opportunity to add to the dog park itself. 

This park has the special benefit of being built environmentally conscious, too, with special perks built in to reuse groundwater in extremely beneficial ways. There is also a large parking lot, walking trails, and a plaza where special events are held at this incredible dog park found at 25100 Felipe Rd.

Arbor Dog Park

Arbor Dog Park is in Seal Beach and boasts two and a half acres of dog-running space, with tons of shade trees for comfort from the hot summer sun. This park has some of the best views around, with the San Bernadino mountains and Mt. Baldy in the distance, behind the Navy golf course that borders the park. The park provides doggie and human drinking fountains and trash cans for any refuse. 

There is a large parking lot and easy gated entry to the area, found at 4665 Lampson Ave., where dogs can run leash-free. With rave reviews on Google, while this park may not offer a ton of amenities, it is obviously a favorite for doggy parents in the area.

Fullerton Pooch Park

The Fullerton Pooch Park in Fullerton has three separate areas for large, high-energy dogs, small dogs, and a wood chip area for all dogs that may be able to interact with each other. There are doggie fountains available, and reviewers talk about how clean the park stays while being closed every Wednesday for maintenance. Water bowls for hydration and poop bags are provided for helping to maintain this publicly funded space that is situated at 201 S Basque Ave.

Central Park Dog Park

Central Park Dog Park in Huntington Beach is a favorite for locals because of its natural feel. Besides being a dog park, there is a natural area full of local flora and fauna for both dogs and dog owners to wander in while they are there. Surrounding the dog park are picnic tables, a playground, public bathrooms, and benches to rest on. 

Receptacles are provided for picking up doggie poo, and reviewers talk about the wide space for dogs to run and play. While this park may be considered not as well maintained as others, this fun pup-friendly area found at 18000 Goldenwest St. integrates a dog play area with the natural surroundings very well.

Bark Park

Bark Park in the city of Costa Mesa is a large expanse of park for all kinds of dogs, with enough features to keep dog owners interested as well. The pond and water features attract turtles and other nature, while the dog park is split into separate areas for large and small dogs. There are benches available for human comfort while the fur babies are playing as well. 

There are water stations, doggie clean-up stations, and plenty of bowls and play items available for doggie visitors when they come to this park found at 890 Arlington Dr. While this park may not always be rated the cleanest, it is a favorite for locals because of views and familiarity.

Olive Hills Dog Park

This park nestled in the hills of Anaheim is a local favorite with lots of areas to run and great views of the scenery beyond. While this dog park may not be as large as others, the intimacy may provide for some great play time between dogs who are otherwise not so familiar with their furry brethren. Reviewers talk about the park being hilly, but very clean for the remoteness and size, at its location at 700 S E Nohl Canyon Rd.

La Palma Dog Park

One of the lesser-known dog parks in Orange County found at 229 W La Palma Ave. #201, La Palma Dog Park is an easy access park that has plenty of room for both larger and smaller dogs to explore. While there is not much grassy area, there is plenty of dirt for dogs to run and play in. La Palma is also one of the only local dog parks that is open on Wednesdays, when many other dog parks are closed for maintenance and cleaning.

Finding an amazing dog park in Orange County isn’t difficult, as there are many amazing parks with a list of amenities to choose from in the area. Get your fur baby out for some exercise and play in a wide variety of parks that have everything you need for an afternoon or even an hour of fun.

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