The Best Orange County Antique/Thrift Stores

Do you enjoy looking for antiques to give your home an old-fashioned feel or do you like thrifting with your friends? Whether you find shopping to be a fun way to spend your time or you enjoy taking a look around for a great deal, only visiting major retail brands can quickly become boring. That is why you should consider checking out your local antique and thrift stores. 

They might have things on offer that you might not be able to find anywhere else, with many classic designs and old-fashioned items for sale. Furthermore, thrift shopping can be a great way to save money as many thrift stores heavily discount items that are otherwise in good shape and would cost a lot more anywhere else. 

Here are some of the best antique and thrift stores that you can visit around Orange County and experience how fun and unique they are!

Magnolia Mews Consignment

Located in the Newport Beach area, Magnolia Mews Consignment is an antique store that has been open since 2011. This store focuses on selling home furniture, décor, original art, jewelry, and books, making this a perfect spot for collectors, designers, and treasure hunters to check out. 

Additionally, staff can help anyone sell their used property and guide customers who need help buying the right thing to add to their collection or furnish their home. Whether you love a welcoming and boutique atmosphere or simply love perusing through high-quality antiques, this is one place you will want to check out! 

The Brick Basement

Located in downtown Fullerton, The Brick Basement offers antique and vintage items from 35 different dealers. You can find anything from jewelry, art, clothes, pottery, memorabilia, and much more throughout their multi-floor building, and the best part is, every time you think you have discovered everything, you will find another staircase around the corner leading you to even more! 

The owners and staff here are exceptionally friendly and accommodating, so if you are looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon or love getting lost in a labyrinth of antique knick knacks and trinkets, this is the place to be.

Rare By Goodwill

Rare by Goodwill is part of the national network of Goodwill thrift stores that you can find in many cities across the United States and is well known for their affordable prices and variety of items you can find. 

Founded in 1902, Goodwill Industries has been empowering people through employment opportunities, job coaching, education services, and assisting financially strained families by offering affordable prices for many household goods and clothing. Whether you need home furnishing, dishware, or clothes, Goodwill has what you need. If you live in the Anaheim area, be sure to give Rare by Goodwill a look to see if they have what you need. 

Sav Mor Thrift

Do you have an upcoming prom or special event that you need to dress up for? If clothing is all you are shopping for, then Sav Mor Thrift’s niche is offering second-hand clothing at affordable prices. Upon entering the store, you will find rows of clothing, so whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find something that matches your expectations. Many items are regularly on sale for 50 percent off, so be ready to buy in bulk when you visit!

Mariners Church Community Center

If you have a heart for helping others, shopping at Mariners Church Community Center is a great way to give back to the community while saving you money with their great deals. Mariners Church was founded more than fifty years ago in Orange County, and they make it their mission to help others and restore hope to the community. 

At their thrift store, you can find various clothing, home furnishings, and décor for you and your home, and the best part is that all proceeds from the store go to helping those in need and supporting their food pantry outreach. 

If you live in Irvine or the surrounding area and want to give back to your community, consider visiting this thrift store the next time you go shopping.

Heredia Antiques

Heredia Antiques has a large collection of antique home furnishing in addition to offering restoration services for antique items. Their services include mobile home services, coating services, furniture refinishing, antique refinishing, wood refinishing, paint stripping, and staining & varnishing. 

If you decide to bring any of your antique furnishings to Heredia, you can rest assured that you will receive quick turnaround times and excellent workmanship that will restore it as close as possible to its original state or finishing. If you are looking for reliable and friendly customer service and great deals on restoring or purchasing antiques, this store in Santa Ana is the place to be.

Leisure World Consignments

Last but not least on this list is Leisure World Consignments. Serving the communities of Laguna Hills and Orange County since its founding in 1979, this antique store offers a wide variety of high-quality items and furnishing for you and your home. In addition to home furnishing and décor, you can find a large selection of art and collectibles available for reasonable prices. 

Additionally, the staff here is very knowledgeable about current market trends and prices, so if you have any antiques that you no longer need, be sure to bring them with you because they offer complimentary appraisal services and on-site evaluations. Whether you are a collector or looking to unload some things you no longer need, this is one place you will want to have on your list of places to check out.

Check Out The Best Antique/Thrift Stores in Orange County

Whether you are looking for a place to trade in some old vintage items you no longer need or love looking around at antique trinkets, antique/thrift stores are fun places to visit. Orange County features many unique stores, and you can find a variety of different vintage and antique items that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, and for a good price. Whether you are new to the world of thrift shopping or a regular, be sure to check out all of these locations to see what unique things they have on offer.

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