Top Places to Buy a Home in Orange County

Looking for a new place to call home? Finding the perfect neighborhood can be a bit challenging! In this post, we’re sharing some information on the top places to buy a home here in Orange County.  We’ve included items such as median home prices, population, and median household income, as well as what the locals love about their neighborhoods. Excited to find the perfect area for you? Let’s hop right in!

#1 Seal Beach

Median Home Value: $371,600
Population: 24,204
Rented vs Owned: 24% vs 76%
Median Income: $68,852

If you want to live in a quiet coastal area, Seal Beach is the place for you. It is a suburb of Long Beach in Orange County that’s perfect for a laidback lifestyle. You can get up in the morning and immediately go for a walk along the beach. There are many local businesses that are well-loved and Main Street houses some of the residents’ favorite restaurants. The area is safe and the people are very kind. It’s also close to LA which is perfect if you love to visit the city from time to time.

#2 Ladera Ranch

Median Home Value: $820,100
Population: 27,277
Rented vs Owned: 28% vs 72%
Median Income: $161,348

Looking for a safe and quiet suburb? Move to Ladera Ranch. The area has a strong sense of community and tons of events are being held for its residents. Everything you need is close by so it won’t be too much of a hassle. There’s also plenty of things to do because there are parks, pools, and other entertainment options around. There are many restaurants around the neighborhood as well. This is a wonderful place to relax.

#3 North Irvine

Median Home Value: $860,372
Population: 32,820
Rented vs Owned: 47% vs 53%
Median Income: $117,088

If you want to live in one of the safest places in the country, North Irvine is a great option. There’s not much crime to worry about. Your basic needs can also be accessed within a two-mile radius. The residents are very welcoming so it won’t be too hard to get to know your neighbors. Overall, it is a well-maintained city that’s a safe place to live.

#4 University Park

Median Home Value: $753,230
Population: 16,663
Rented vs Owned: 51% vs 49%
Median Income: $103,182

Another safe community within the Irvine area is University Park. There’s not much police presence around because they usually aren’t needed. The neighborhood has lots of walkways, parks, and trees which keep the area green all around. It is a college town so expect to see lots of students around.

#5 Westpark

Median Home Value: $789,993
Population: 13,879
Rented vs Owned: 65% vs 35%
Median Income: $114,848

Within the Irvine area as well lies Westpark. It is a safe, quiet, and clean neighborhood with friendly people around. The weather here is great and the parks and landscaping are beautiful. You wouldn’t run out of places to try because there are tons of businesses and restaurants surrounding the area. If you have dogs, you’ll love this place as there are many parks and places for them to play around.

#6 Woodbridge

Median Home Value: $733,581
Population: 26,587
Rented vs Owned: 43% vs 57%
Median Income: $103,988

Another pet-friendly community is Woodbridge. You have tons of places to walk your dogs and that includes two lakes. There are poop bags, drinking fountains, and easy walk paths. The neighborhood is in a central area so you won’t have much problem if you’re working in the north or south. There are also lots of public facilities and spaces, and the area is very peaceful to live in.

#7 Turtle Rock

Median Home Value: $1,597,132
Population: 25,990
Rented vs Owned: 34% vs 66%
Median Income: $148,443

The Turtle Rock neighborhood offers plenty of activities right outside your door. It’s nearby the ocean as well as trails and greenbelt areas. There are tons of entertainment options, too. There are theaters, shopping, and concerts nearby. The community pool and parks are well-maintained as well. If you’re looking for an area with great schools, this neighborhood is a great option.

#8 Northwood Point

Median Home Value: $1,082,023
Population: 11,176
Rented vs Owned: 23% vs 77%
Median Income: $142,698

If you want to be surrounded by big businesses, Northwood Point is the place for you. There are lots of shopping and retail options for you in this area. Chain restaurants are also not hard to come by. If you’re looking for more local options, there’s also an array of small businesses you can visit. You can access everything you need within close proximity.

#9 Newport Coast

Median Home Value: $1,882,476
Population: 6,629
Rented vs Owned: 7% vs 93%
Median Income: $200,517

Another coastal community is Newport Coast. If you enjoy the beach, the sun, and good food, you will absolutely love this neighborhood. This is an extremely well-kept area with tons of activities to do. You have access to exercise facilities, clubs, and a lot more. While there are local businesses you can check out, the area tends to be dominated by big companies.

#10 Coto de Caza

Median Home Value: $1,043,700
Population: 15,056
Rented vs Owned: 9% vs 91%
Median Income: $199,056

Coto de Caza is a beautiful, master-planned neighborhood. It is a safe area with a secluded community. There are plenty of trails and wildlife to enjoy nearby. It tends to have a health-conscious feel so there are many opportunities to work out outdoors. There are also tons of amazing gyms, golf courses, and restaurants to choose from. 

That’s it for our list of the best neighborhoods to buy a property here in Orange County. We hope that you find the perfect one for you soon! If you’re in need of any real estate assistance, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you look for the best place for you.

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