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Orange County Housing Report: The First Green Shoots

February 5, 2024 – After bouncing along a record-low number of homeowners willing to sell in the high mortgage rate […]

Orange County Housing Report: A Powerful Beginning

January 8, 2024 Unlike the sluggish start to 2023, this year’s housing market has kicked off with a scarcity of […]

Orange County Housing Report: Bidding Wars

There’s still a lot of buyer interest in today’s market and very little inventory, ultimately resulting into a bidding war. Interest in luxury homes in Orange County have also increased. Curious to know more? Read this quick market update.

Orange County Housing Report: Waiting Will Be Costly

April 5, 2021Even though buyers are exceedingly frustrated with the housing market after writing too many offers to no avail, […]

Orange County Housing Report: More Homes Coming

Jeanette’s Insights It’s almost Springtime, you know what that means, people start to consider moving between April and August. If you […]

Housing Report | Orange County

Orange County Housing Report: Extra! Extra! Inventory Rising!

Orange County Housing Report:Extra! Extra! Inventory Rising! April 19, 2021Now that the Spring Market has finally arrived, a newtrend has […]


Orange County Housing Report: Crash Coming?

Once again, housing is soaring upward with seemingly no end in sight. Buyers are tripping over each other, willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars above the asking price.

Orange County Housing Report: On the Endangered List

May 4, 2021The lower price ranges are disappearing with far fewerhomes available to purchase, and it is impacting thenumber of […]


Orange County Housing Report: Summer Transition

The distractions of summer impact the housing market. The busiest time of the year in terms of demand, the Spring Market, comes to an end with the conclusion of the school year and graduations.


Orange County Housing Report: Is Housing Unaffordable?

It boils down to perspective. Looking only at housing prices tells only part of the story. It is important to also consider household incomes and the prevailing mortgage rates.

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