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Homeownership Is an Investment in Your Future

There are many people thinking about buying a home, but with everything affecting the economy, some are wondering if it’s a […]

5 Unique Locally-Made Valentine’s Gifts in Orange County

If you want your Valentine’s gift selection to stand out this year, choose something made right here in Orange County, CA.

Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right.

Last year, the housing market slowed down in response to higher mortgage rates, and that had an impact on home […]

Orange County Q4 2022 Housing Market Update

The Orange County housing market has been on fire in recent years, and the trend shows some signs of slowing down as we head into Q4 2022. But what can buyers and sellers expect in the coming months?

Think Twice Before Waiting for 3% Mortgage Rates

Last year, the Federal Reserve took action to try to bring down inflation. In response to those efforts, mortgage rates jumped up rapidly from […]

Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling your home can be exciting and emotional at the same time. You’re selling the place you’ve lived in but […]

The Most Expensive Orange County Home Sales of 2022

Many people gravitate to Orange County for its picturesque beaches and bay lifestyle in search of their dream homes. Whether it’s due to demand or the high standard of living offered by Orange County, several homes sold in 2022 had hefty price tags. That said, check out this list of the most expensive Orange County home sales in 2022.

3 Best Practices for Selling Your House This Year

A new year brings with it the opportunity for new experiences. If that resonates with you because you’re considering making a move, you’re likely juggling a mix of excitement over your next home and a sense of attachment to your current one.

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