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Orange County Q1 2022 Housing Market Update

Orange County’s housing market saw significant growth in the second quarter of 2022 but will it sustain over the year? An onset of new market trends, rising home prices, and mortgage rates have led many people to ask that question. The housing market in Orange County is slowly inching towards stability which was recently shaken by the Covid pandemic. To understand what this means for sellers and buyers, let’s take a deeper dive into Orange County’s housing market.

Orange County Housing Report: Opportunity Knocks NOW!

July 11, 2022 For homeowners looking to sell in 2022, the window of opportunity is closing as the inventory climbs, […]

Wondering Where You’ll Move if You Sell Your House Today?

If you put a pause on your home search because you weren’t sure where you’d go once you sold your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Orange County

Recycling is a great way to curb depletion of essential natural resources, support the environment, and declutter your house. While it’s technically possible to recycle nearly every type of plastic or metal, curbside recycling programs sponsored by Orange County accept only the most common recyclable materials. If you are struggling to differentiate between different types of recyclables and which color bins they should go into, this guide can help.

You Can’t Miss These 4th of July Activities in Orange County

For the first time in a few years, many people will be traveling and going out on the 4th of July. You may find that some of your favorite events may be modified or entirely different. So, here is a list of some exciting, fun, and yet familiar celebrations in Orange County that may be a good reason to head out and socialize.

Orange County Housing Report: Summer Slowdown

The shift in housing due to higher rates has already made asignificant impact on the housing market, and it will […]

Minority-Owned Businesses in Orange County That You Can Support

Tired of only shopping or dining at major brands and retailers? You should consider visiting a minority-owned business instead, as they can offer a fresh experience by giving you a taste of their unique cultures. Check out this list of restaurants and businesses in Orange County and find your next experience!

Orange County Housing Report: Affordability Challenges

Written By:Steven Thomas May 31, 2022 Demand is Dropping Due to Affordability Lower rates had propped up affordability, yet today’s […]

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